Hunter Ceiling Fan Light Not Working – What To Do?

Hunter ceiling fans are reliable and you can depend on them, but they can also get issues anytime. Are you looking for a solution because your Hunter ceiling fan not working? Do not worry if your lights stopped working. There are simple troubleshooting steps that can fix your lights and they can start working in no time. Our expert technicians have written this article to help you to get a solution for it.

Here are the steps to repair as well as troubleshooting your light. Here are some possible reasons and solutions if your ceiling stops working:

  1. Broken Bulb or Light Set – Check and ensure that the bulb is properly installed. After doing so, if it does not work, try a new bulb or lighting kit.
  2. Electrical Issues – Check for broken or dangling wires, or faulty regulators. Replace any damaged parts. If nothing seems to be broken, try resetting the breaker.
  3. Hunter fan remote not working- Change the batteries, and inspect for frequency interference, and reset the remote control. You can get rid of the brackets and change the broken components if you are good to go with some simple electrical work.

Follow the troubleshooting ceiling fan steps provided in this article below.

Why are the Hunter ceiling fan lights not working?

Hunter is a prominent brand in the market of ceiling fans because they produce dependable, well-made items and offer a limited lifetime warranty on their fan motors. However, sometimes you may come across the failure of electrical wires or the switches that control the lights.

If your fan lights aren’t working, try to troubleshoot your Hunter fan from the steps below.

A Faulty Light Bulb

Hunter fan works, but the light doesn’t?

If your Hunter ceiling fan light is not working the first step to start with is to check the bulb. Is the bulb loose in the socket? If yes, remove the old bulb and install a new one, and screw it tightly.

Most modern light bulbs come with safety features that stop it from burning. If the bulb is fused and you need a replacement, make sure to get it of the prescribed wattage from your brand or lighting kit.

If you have changed the bulb recently and still the light wont turn on, you can try to switch off the fan and wait for 30 seconds and turn it on again.

If the light of the fan still does not turn on, check the socket of light bulb to see if there are burn marks. If there are any, it means there is a problem with the wiring or switch. You must try to identify the location of the electrical issue on your Hunter ceiling fan.

Electrical Issues

If you are trying to change the light bulb and the outlet is not getting the power where you are installing the bulb, the wiring may need attention. Switch off the power before start inspecting cables.

First of all, check the inside of the canopy to make sure that all wires are covered with nuts. Check for any broken or loose wires. You can do it by pulling the wire out from the fixture. If they are loose or fall off, you need to call an electrician.

Check if the light switch is working. If the light remains off, turn off the power from breaker box for approximately 15 minutes and turn it on again. If this process does not fix it, you have to replace your lighting fixture.

The problem could be happening because of the watt limier. After reading the troubleshooting page of Hunter, we found out that a hunter ceiling fan manufactured between 2009 and 2019 may cause power limiter problem. In this case, please contact Customer Service for replacement options.

Another problem can be a defective controller. Open the component and use a voltage tester on the wires in order to find out. If the wires of the controller are not generating voltage, it means that the controller may be faulty.

Remote control malfunction

If your ceiling fan light was working properly and suddenly stopped working, there could be a problem with your remote control (if your model has it). The source of the problem can be the handset or fan’s handset. To fix it, remove the remote’s batteries from it for about 10 seconds, install them again, and try running them on again.

You might see that Hunter lights are turning on and off randomly. In this case, you need to check the interference from another source between the receiver and handset signal. If you have purchased a new remote control recently, the signal may be on the same frequency as your fan controller, causing it to stop working.

Manufacturers also use the same set of RF frequencies while needing devices to run at different frequencies. You have to make sure that your remote is paired with your Hunter fan.

How to change a light bulb in my Hunter ceiling fan?

It is simple to install and replace ceiling fans from the Hunter brand. Before starting it, make sure that fan is switched off and the power is not reaching the fan. Changing the bulbs depends on the type you have, you may have a scone light kit, a bowl light kit or a dome light kit.

Scone light kit

Find the screws that holds the bracket to remove the scone. To remove the bulb, you need to twist it anticlockwise. Insert the new bulb firmly and try not to overtighten it.

Bowl lighting set

In the bowl’s center, remove the small decorative stem. Lower the cover in the center of the bowl in order to expose the bulb. Remove the old one in order to install the new one. Install the cover shell and handle again.

Dome Light Fixture

Grasp the top edge and gently remove the ring cover and carefully pull it down. Unscrew the screws that hold the dome bracket. Get rid of the old bulb and replace it with a new bulb.

How to reset the lights on my Hunter ceiling fan?

If the lights on your Hunter ceiling fan are not working, you can try to reset them to fix them. It is a simple process and takes only a few minutes. Follow the below steps:

  1. Turn off the circuit breaker or fuse box that sends power to the ceiling fan. After that, disconnect the unit from the power source.
  2. Give about 30 seconds for the power to be disconnected from the wiring of your house. Then remove all the light bulbs from the light.
  3. Turn on and off the fan light switch thrice quickly. As a result, the internal circuitry of the fan will reset.
  4. Replace the light bulb with a new one. Turn on the breaker to start using the fan.

Final Words

That’s it. we hope that after reading this article, you will be able to fix your Hunter ceiling fan light.

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